Trekking Wooden Walk Way

A trekking at the wooden walkway through the gorge of the Paiva River guaranties an excellent experience. The 8 km long trekking offers magnificent views, accompanying the left shore of this river and allowing you to discover the Unesco Geopark in all its splendour. The access of the trekking will be limited to avoid over crowded trails, so you can enjoy even more the natural ambient of the spot.

Tugar has an interesting offer for those who want to explore a trekking at the walkway. You will stay at a beautiful accommodation in the middle of the park from of where you will be brought to the starting point of the trekking. During the trekking you will discover a variety of interesting geological and archaeological sights, the characteristic flora and fauna of this area and enjoy great views over the Paiva River. Halfway there will be time to rest and eat some local snacks. At the end of the trekking you will be brought back to the accommodation.

There are a lot more outdoor activities you can practise in this area like rafting, canoe-rafting and canyoning, for more information please contact or visit