A watertrekking consist in descending small gorges and ravines while following a waterline. We’ll progress slowly while walking, jumping and sliding through the river crossing small cascades and crystal clear pools that are tempting you for a fresh dive…. You’ll be surrounded in the beautiful greens of nature, getting at places you would never be able to reach if not through the river. It is an adventurous activity similar to the canyoning trips we organize with the difference that you won’t have any abseiling or high jumps. This makes the activity a very good choice for those who do not feel at comfort with heights but still want to experience the adventurous sensation of a watertrekking. The perfect option for a hot summer day! You can combine this activity with any of the other activities Tugar organizes. We arrange different kind of accommodations near the activities.

The watertrekking will take about 3 hours. Afterwards you will be invited for well deserved local snack and drink!

Watertrekking fits very well families who fancy active holidays in the middle of nature, both adults and kids will have an unforgettable experience!

Please contact us for more information and prices at info@tugar.nl or take a further look at our site!