Unesco Geopark

In the middle of the Unesco Geopark at about an hour drive from Porto you’ll find a beautiful accommodation owned by a super sympathetic host and hostess who will welcome you all year round for your well deserved break. The transformed farm is divided into two parts, both with simple but comfortable rooms which have their own exterior entrances. At the upper part you will find a beautiful swimming pool with great views of the surroundings. It is the perfect place for families and groups but also for a romantic get away…
Within a 10 minute walk you’ll find a little village with several grocery stores, a bakery, a butcher, small cafeterias, esplanades and restaurants. The central location makes it a perfect base camp for a lot of different outdoor activities. In the wintertime the Unesco Geopark offers you the best whitewater river right at your doorstep, ideal for an adventurous raft trip. In the summer the Unesco Geopark offers lots of opportunities for canyoning experiences, water trekking and canoeing. All year long you can go for a walk, a hike or a bike tour at one of the marked trails. It is also possible to get yourself a guided Jeep tour through the park with a local lunch half ways or to join a shepherd and his goats into the mountains.
So if you feel for a real get a way surrounded by nature, this will be the perfect opportunity! Let yourself be seduced by the local gastronomy, the adventurous outdoor activities and the Portuguese hospitality! In the summer there are plenty of small river beaches for a nice and refreshing dive in one of the lest polluted rivers of Europe and in the winter the nature will overwhelm you with its impressive waterfalls and whitewater rivers!


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