Winter in Portugal

Have you ever tried to visit the inlands of Portugal in the winter months? You will be surprised! Portugal is not just a great summer destination, on the contrary, the colder winter days have their own sweet charm. The weather … Continued

Stand Up Paddling

  Stand Up Paddling, or SUP is originally from Hawaii where, in the sixties, it gained new life because of the so called ‘beachboys’. Meanwhile Stand Up Paddling has become a known activity by outdoor lovers almost everywhere. Because of … Continued


The Caramulo mountain range, located in the inlands of Portugal, at about an hour drive from the Vale do Vouga is originally formed by granite and slate. Heather and broom dominate the flora. The mountain range is known for its … Continued

Trekking Wooden Walk Way

A trekking at the wooden walkway through the gorge of the Paiva River guaranties an excellent experience. The 8 km long trekking offers magnificent views, accompanying the left shore of this river and allowing you to discover the Unesco Geopark … Continued


Aveiro wordt ook wel het Portugese Venetië genoemd vanwege de rivier die door Aveiro richting zee stroomt. Deze rivier (de Vouga die in Aveiro overgaat in de Ria de Aveiro) is de slagader van deze streek en zo ook van … Continued

Kayak tour Mondego river

In central Portugal you have the opportunity to undertake various different outdoor activities like a kayak tour through the Mondego river. The kayak tour follows the natural valley of the Mondego, descending between mountains, forests and small river beaches. During … Continued


Mountainbiking with your family or friends! The highland of the Freita mountain range located at the Unesco geopark is an excellent place for a mountainbiking tour! It is a relative easy circular biking tour with a 14.5 miles distance (about … Continued

Unesco Geopark

In the middle of the Unesco Geopark at about an hour drive from Porto you’ll find a beautiful accommodation owned by a super sympathetic host and hostess who will welcome you all year round for your well deserved break. The … Continued

Vale do Vouga

Vale do Vouga is situated at about a 40 minutes drive from the beaches of the Atlantic ocean and 38 miles underneath Porto. Here you can discover a complete different Portugal! Tucked away in the mountains, surrounded in green, with … Continued

Mountain hiking

Tugar offers beautiful (guided) mountain hiking activities, following old goat-paths through the mountains. They bring you to those parts of the mountains that normally stay inaccessible for us. Sometimes you actually need to climb up or peak down a mountainside…You’ll … Continued

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking on the so called ‘ecopistas’. This are old train rails fallen in disuse that gain a new function as biking and hiking trails. The nice thing of these train rails is their zigzagging way through the landscape and … Continued


Canyoning consists in climbing down a mountain creek using ropes and harnesses, or, if you like, jumping into little creek river pools formed by the waterfalls. That way it is possible to get to the most remote places only accessible … Continued