Stand Up Paddling

SUP in Portugal
SUP in Portugal
SUP in Portugal


Stand Up Paddling, or SUP is originally from Hawaii where, in the sixties, it gained new life because of the so called ‘beachboys’. Meanwhile Stand Up Paddling has become a known activity by outdoor lovers almost everywhere. Because of the big and stable board it is an easily accessible sport that one can master almost immediately. Your eyes will thank you for the amazing scenery easily visible from your standing position, and your core will thank you for the great work out!   

There are several options:

SUP for beginners: you will learn the basics of paddling on a Stand Up board.

SUP Tour: an excellent way to have a great time with your friends while having an intensive contact with nature making it an unique and unforgettable experience!

SUP Family packet: SUP is the activity you can enjoy with your family. The activity suits every age and you can practise it with as many persons as you like. Together you will enjoy an unique experience while being surrounded by the local flora and fauna!

You will be accompanied by a certificated instructor and a local snack will be provided at the end of the activity!

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