Go for a snack in Porto

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Where do the locals go for a nice snack in Porto?

In between one of the many outdoor activities available in this region, Porto is always worth a visit. And if you want to really get to know the city you should go to one of the local spots were the Portuenses themselves come for a bite and a drink…

Here are some suggestions:


Adega Rio Douro

This ‘adega’ near the Douro river is famous because of its Fado, but even more popular because of its owner Donna Piedade, making the locals call the place after her: Adega of Donna Piedade. She is the one who is in control, making everything happen and taking good care of the kitchen where they make the most tasteful snacks like the sardine pasties and the codfish slices. From mid afternoon on the place starts to be crowded by people attracted by the famous dishes.

Rua do Ouro 223

4150 553 PORTO

Open from 09:00 till 21:00


Bufete Fase

One of the best known snacks Porto has to offer are the (world) famous ‘francesinhas’. These are well filled roasted sandwiches with cheese, ham and a lot of different kind of meat and sausages served in a special sauce made from a secret recipe only known by the cook… And for the best tasting ‘francesinhas’  you have to go to Bufete Fase! They will be as good as a meal. Every day you can find queues of people, and not just locals, patiently waiting for there turn to order one of those delicious sandwiches!

Rua de Santa Catarina 1143

4049 050 PORTO

Open from 12:00 till 21:30

Closed on Sun- and holidays


Taverna A Badalhoca

‘Badalhoca’ means as much as dirty pig in Portuguese, but don’t let yourself been mistaken: the place is very clean and doesn’t look much like a tavern any more…Though the most important reason to come by for a visit continues to be the delicious smoked ham sandwiches!

Rua Dr. Alberto Macedo 437

4100 031 PORTO

Open from 09:00 till 14:00 and from 15:30 till 20:00,

Saturdays open from 09:00 till 14:00

Closed on Sunday




Casa Guedes

This place owns its popularity to the ‘spreading the word’ at the social media which has changed the place from a quiet little restaurant owned by the Guedes brothers into a place frequently visited  by travellers and local youth who are attracted by the simple meals served at any time of the day. A must when you visit Porto! The most popular sandwiches are the smoked gammon ones for just 2,75€!

Praça dos Poveiros 130

4000 393 PORTO

Open from 08:00 till 22:30

Closed on Sunday


O Gazela

The success of this small labyrinthine restaurant is made by there delicious cold beers and original hot-dogs. The restaurant  is located in the similar labyrinthine neighbourhood behind the São João National Theatre. The place has, with a little of fitting and measuring, room for 14 persons at the bar, who are served by two very efficient waiters and all of this in an area no bigger than 2 to 3 square meters! When you finish your hot-dog the next clients are already waiting patiently to take your place…

Travessa de Cimo da Vila 4

4000 171 PORTO

Open from 12:00 till 22:30

Closed on Saturday and Sunday 



O Buraquinho

‘Buraquinho’ means as much as small hole and that describes the place quite well. It ain’t easy to find the place, located at the Praça de Poveiros. You only know that you are at the right address by going down a small stairway giving you access to the sign board. But when you found it you can enjoy the delicious snacks that made the house famous: kale soup, sausages, sandwiches and off course some nice Portuguese wine…

Praça dos Poveiros 33

4000 393 PORTO

Tuesday till Thursday from 11:00 till 22:30;

Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 till 00:00;

Sundays from 12:30 till 22:30

Closed on Monday

source: fugas.publico.pt

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