The Caramulo mountain range, located in the inlands of Portugal, at about an hour drive from the Vale do Vouga is originally formed by granite and slate. Heather and broom dominate the flora. The mountain range is known for its typical houses made of granite and its pure air.

In the mountain range you have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the diversified nature. You’ll find a lot of crystal clear mountain creeks that are crossing through the whole area. Together with the trees, the old watermills and the small tracks they form a fairytale like scenery. You walk through a unbelievable gradation of green colors formed by the leaves, the small fields, the mos and the lichen that is hanging from the trees. These lichens prove the high quality of the air.

The highest point of the Caramulo mountain range is Caramulinho with its 3532 feet. When the weather is clear you can see the sea on one side and the snowy tops of the Estrela mountain range on the other side.

A tour through the Caramulo mountain range is a must for everybody who loves nature. During the tour you get absorbed by the natural surroundings and after each turn you will be surprised again by the beauty of it all.

Caramulo is almost an secret place, one that seduces with its diversity of sceneries, the comforting and mysterious valleys and the spectacular views from the mountain peaks!

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