Rafting Season is open!


The summer is at its end, sending us its last sunny days before the rain starts. But that’s no bad news at all. Because it means that the water levels will rise turning the rivers into the best whitewater rivers Portugal has to offer. And when that happens, the scenery of outdoor activities changes and becomes perfect for some real whitewater experience through a raft trip.

Come over with your friends, feel the adrenaline of paddling a raft in an adventurous but secure environment, our guides will take care of that!  Stay over at a charming accommodation near the little village where you can taste the best Portuguese beefs you have ever tasted. And maybe you like to go for a licorice tasting at the local licorice cellar. Enjoy a view days away from the hectic of daily live and experience the Portuguese Autumn, we assure you, you won’t regret it!

Price: including activity, gear, guide, local snack and a two nights accommodation (double bedroom, incl. breakfast) for 137,50€* per person

*minimum 4 persons, if you want to come with less persons please contact us to hear what possibilities we have for you.

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